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“LARPers” is a comedic foray into the world of LARPing, which stands for Live Action Role Playing.  Observed from the outside perspective of a documentary crew, the half-hour comedy follows a handful of colorful characters in their not so day-to-day lives as they don homemade armor and venture forth on imaginary quests while still dealing with very real problems.


Each episode covers a single day within the context of an extended LARPing event in which participants from all over have come together to spend a couple weeks playing as their characters.  The camera crew focuses on a small group of central characters that find themselves banded together as a team.  Throughout the event they must work together to accomplish their quests and advance their characters.  As the event progresses this becomes increasingly difficult. Real-life relationships, grudges, and motives begin to permeate the line between reality and fantasy.


We are a crew of young and passionate filmmakers, most of whom are recent transplants to the Los Angeles area by way of the Florida State University Film School.  All of the cast and crew have volunteered their time to be a part of the project.  After two years of  developing the concept and writing the pilot, Adam Johns, Brian Barrow, and Will Sampson launched a grassroots funding campaign to raise money for a pilot.


Experience, support, and the drive to create.  We hope that once it has been completed, the pilot will be a representation of the hard work that we can do. You can pre-order the pilot by donating to the production!